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Health and Safety Consultancy Services

Ideally suited to the small to medium size business where a full time Safety Professional is not needed.

We live in an 'on-demand' world where cost and operational efficiency is key.

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Compliance with UK Health and Safety Law

If your business has 5 or more employees, there are some specific actions that you must ensure are complete to protect your employees whilst at work. 

We can develop and provide guidance on all of the below. For further details on all of our Services, please visit the Services or Packages / Managed Services page.

Legal Requirements:

  1. Health and Safety Policy
  2. Assess and control the risks in your workplace
  3. Consult with employees
  4. Provide Training and Information
  5. Provide workplace facilities
  6. Ensure arrangements for accidents, first aid and ill-health
  7. Display the health and safety law poster

The Facts:

Last year UK workers suffered 0.6 million injuries costing UK companies £5.2 Billion. Good safety practices, procedures and policies can help prevent work related injuries, employee liability claims and prosecution from the HSE. 

For guidance on ensuring your business is legally compliant, please contact RD Safety Solutions for a free consultation.